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The building is registered also include stair well and garage
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The building is registered include uptown region not only, the circumstance such as stair well, garage also needs to indicate on register. " the building registers way " had carried out 4 days, our newspaper ever invited be a guest of house property expert before this, solve a citizen about " the building registers way " doubt, and collect a problem to the citizen, the reporter is chosen have among them representative seek advice to house property branch and give solve.

End yesterday afternoon 5 when, receive an issue in all nearly 50, arranging an in part among them is to enquire only 9 kinds of formalities can deny those who undertake registering. House property branch expresses, want to deal with ascend summary to take the requisition that register; Applicant identification; Building droit card or build a house the initiative give an official that register; Duty Wu branch issued duty paid proof; The contract of commodity house business that already put on record and receipt of fund of public position maintenance stuff of this 6 kind, if material has issue,can pass talk things over or lawsuit is solved.

Additional, the citizen that there has been house property card before July 1 need not be registered again, because house property registers a branch,can transfer the original information that register new building register.

Ask the problem is solved

Problem one: Ms. Wu of peaceful area has a flatlet, the area that indicates on card of house property of actual area ratio is much 10 square metre, ask whether change.

Answer: Ms. Wu can apply for to correct register, but the proof that needs to show relevant section to affirm building area, what change register to go up next is primitive register.

Problem 2: Does Ms. Wang of emperor aunt area ask the building registers a bag not to include a garage?

Answer: The building is registered include uptown region not only, the circumstance such as stair well, garage also needs to indicate on register.

Problem 3: The room ovary that the Ms. Ma place of Shenyang river area stays is the name of grandpa on card, family both sides approbates a house to be mutual, ask whether is application mutual?

Answer: Ms. Ma can apply for move to register together with grandpa, change the house of the half Ms. Ma under one's name.

Problem 4: Mr Zhao of Shenyang river area buys before this secondhand room, former house-owner has the right of conduction formalities notarization trusts the 3rd person, whether to ask to need and face of former room definite idea are returned when registering?

Answer: Do not need, since former house-owner already undertook commission notarization, criterion Mr Zhao and be shown up by client can handle. Buyers and sellers can entrust other to do sth for sb through notarization the formalities that register, but both sides cannot trust same person.
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