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Area of area of choose and buy of stair of double entry housing watchs all sorts
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Double entry resident chooses a model beautiful bear fruit again durable stair is very necessary. Normally stair pledges in material on cent is stair of wood of real wood stair, steel Bo stair, steel to wait for 3 kinds, have the different pattern such as shape like a staircase of vertical ladder, spiral, arc ladder, all sorts of material pledge and the stair of design has advantages and disadvantages each, the beard when the user is bought considers the case of the building, will choose by real need.  

  Real wood stair

Jump a layer or suiting to be in is villa use in larger space, the lumber itself warmth, natural foil nobility that feels can timely character, atmospheric feels, because this is multi-purpose the family at Europe type or classicism is medium.

Advantage: Pure natural, environmental protection, heat preservation effect is good, the grain of lumber is natural, mix easily with floor colour bedroom color photograph is tie-in.

Defect: Wearability is opposite poorer, do not maintain easily and safeguard.

  Steel Bo stair

Advocate the board that the structure uses carbolic element structure serves as bear the weight of, and footplate advocate material chooses quality of a material lightsome, connect the toughened glass that penetrate or place glue glass. Line of steel Bo stair is perceptual, be full of fashionable breath, suffer a youth to like quite.

Advantage: Lightsome, connect fully, durable, facilitate do, do not need special safeguard, contemporary sense is strong.

Defect: Let a person easily produce dizzy move, unsuited old person or child are used; Edge horn security is relatively inferior, easy cut.

  Steel wood stair

Just as its name implies is the combinative put oneself in another's position of steel and wood, it is sexual price compares a kind of very tall stair. Advocate the structure uses steeliness to appear empty girder, footplate is multi-purpose oak real wood points to receive board. Baluster and armrest are OK steel and wood two kinds of material are set freely character, modelling is agile and changeful.

Advantage: Have the warmth of real wood stair and intimacy already, still hold the hale and hearty that provides rolled steel and strong sense concurrently, decorating style and door model there is limitation on the area, scope of application is wider. Hard usage, facilitate safeguard, sexual price is compared tall.

Defect: Cannot highlight some to plant style.

Vertical ladder

The commonnest the most orthodox also model, have particular demand to open sex of the space, suit to be used in larger space. Sometimes to save a space, add corner to vertical ladder, the made design that becomes stepladder is very common also.
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