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Zhou Jie of president of nimble pace stair: Dog of ⒄ of ヌ You Mu relatively th
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[reporter] : always, hello!

[Zhou Jie] : Hello! Before I see me to you first paragraph a PPT that time makes a presentation, talk with you at present the development state of affairs of stair industry.

The country is macroscopical economic adjusting control, reserve raises the history highest, impact is the biggest is estate. Stair industry follows real-estate industry closely related, this is told to us is a big environment.

What we pay close attention to is double entry room, villatic room. Show the characteristic of two respects at present: On one hand, progress is slow. Two will appear to the estate among 3 years, villatic room a phenomenon that defer. The area that still has a lot of and building dish can say to still hundreds of individual villa open business this year, where is that the year after next? Did not have, tell everybody namely very flourishing still now, but this flourishing have a time paragraph, again the development general trends that in the future lasts is in slow down, I think integral amount is in drop, macroscopical adjusting control limits the development of villatic room. And purchase purpose development change, be for private use so, now is investment. On the other hand, the structure of the house develops change. I think structure of prospective double entry can become our attention to nod certainly, we also made the psychology that we are aimed at high-end client very meticulous investigation, we tell everybody to be given priority to with the family of these people namely, I feel the family of 5 people is met is a when future develops very big target. So what 5 people bring is double entry, two hall also can have 3 rooms, will tell from my individual angle, I think double entry room is a when future develops very big trend. The 3rd I think stair industry and real-estate industry are same, also can have the development of poor dissimilation, the change on structure of more house property can appear certainly among the competition that spends in difference, this is the development of the industry that we pay close attention to.

About stair industry I am told at 3 o'clock.

The first, the current situation of the near future is beg for be more than.

Before a few years estate develops at full speed, see Chinese economy from this year already high speed developed 17 years, neither one person is forever need not old, neither one country is OK all the time upgrade goes, this is a rule, without method change, the development with flying estate drove us the development of this industry, this industry is met more and more get the attention of a lot of people. Have a rank allegedly, the first of sudden huge profits of building materials industry is ambry, the 2nd is wooden door, the 3rd is stair, showing this industry is to follow real-estate industry closely related. Company of a lot of floors is doing stair now.
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