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See enchanting stair sway unripe endowment whirly romance (graph)
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Nowadays, be in contemporary door model in, the room that jumps structure of layer, wrong layer, double entry is increasing, the stair in the home also became a beautiful beautiful scenery line. From the point of building art and aesthetic angle, stair also is the focus of the vision in household. Choose an ideal stair, also become the grand opera in domestic decorate. Search room is little make up special collect the stair with 17 kinds of disparate styles, the hope can give everybody the sense that find everything new and fresh.

When ascending the stairs, see enchanting stair sway whirly, the romantic daydream that sits on stair to pour out whisper before is able to come true eventually, a kind of romantic household feelings also arises spontaneously.

Effect of woodiness stair heat preservation is good, give a person a kind of sweet sense. Wooden stair is at present the market has a kind of stair with the oldest rate, used family is most.

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