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The stair that nots allow to ignore is villatic the master grade that occupy the
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The stair with beautiful modelling not only the tool that is fluctuation building, also be the elegant adornment inside the bedroom, can abound the dimensional environment of the bedroom, those who behave a family is luxurious, give a person the enjoyment with the United States, reflect the master grade that occupy the home.

The select material of domestic stair has 3 kinds, it is complete wood stair, namely armrest of baluster of wooden ladder pace, wood, wood; 2 it is half wood stair, namely armrest of baluster of wooden ladder pace, ornamental work of iron, wood; 3 it is assorted stair, namely armrest of baluster of pace of stone material ladder, ornamental work of iron, wood. Differentia of illuminative of these 3 kinds of stair depends on the processing each has his strong point of ladder pace and baluster. Be like, effect of wooden ladder heat preservation is good, but wearability is poor, maintain not easily, use more in residence of the type that jump a layer the person mixes indoor join illicit on the passageway of public space; Pace of stone material ladder although tactility is curt and more slippery, but adornment effect is luxurious, moistureproof wear-resisting, be used more so the public stair adornment in villa.

On the choice, besides should outside the be fond of according to owner individual, notice the harmonious sex that material combines even. Stair of wooden ladder pace cooperates baluster of ornamental work of iron is a kind of distinctive color, and pace of stone material ladder matchs wooden baluster to make the person feels however at odds. Help up indoorly bar design most abstain from stainless steel of the face that use lens or metal of face of other Yin Liang. If you want to be done with stainless steel really, the proposal uses the stainless steel of dumb face. Doing stair to help the best stuff that bar up is the steel that use forge, it is cast-iron next, it is wood again, it is porcelain again. Optimal armrest material is wood, it is stone next.

The design of stair is the worst is not the exterior, however the structure of stair. If you do not have the knowledge of this respect, consult professional without fail, in order to assure the consistence of stair, security and durable sex.

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