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Stair builds rich to be able to exhibit hint of heterodyne strong person in Chin
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On July 6, the 2008· that is known as the first building materials of Asian to exhibit the 10th (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition in Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise Pa continent exhibits a house to pull open prelusive.

In current exhibit on the meeting, guangdong name steps, Liu · power benefit, Shanghai wears a family name to wait for brand of real wood stair and Fosan only Nuo, Zhejiang Xierdeng, waited for enterprise of fittings of steel ladder and pillar, armrest to attend about 20 times to exhibit a thousand times meeting.

According to reporter observation, the stair business that this second ginseng postpones, enterprise of real wood stair 5, add ladder of on ten steel and hardware fittings company, altogether is controlled 20 times, the amount is little at exposition of previous term or session. And stair industry also does not have true concentration independent stair exhibits an area, be in dispersedly however wooden door / stair, floor, hardware exhibit an area inside, the concentration of stair industry reveals the effect to was not shown.

Ginseng exhibit business to express, exhibit meeting photograph to compare with professional stair, the meeting that build rich is belonged to integrated model exhibition of product of building materials adornment, stream of people measures big, audience much, but look around effectively rate is low, sex of devoid speak or sing alternately and what stair occupies scale to also be in in exhibition of omnibus building materials decrescent, to stair manufacturer, effects basically depends on industry of building materials of have the aid of the audience person of other sphere is angry, expand famous degree.

And the stair agency that comes round to look around, agent expresses, because exhibit manufacturer of the stair on the meeting not much, little a lot of choice opportunities, when the autograph is made an appointment with, must be engaged in carefully, use more time on the connection, journey that researchs local company at the same time.

No matter be to join,visit business to all express, current exhibit although integral dimensions is giant,meet, but do not have special significance to stair industry, exhibit meeting result as professional stair far apparent.

As we have learned, current Guangzhou builds rich to be able to exhibit an area to amount to 180 thousand square metre, exhibit about 10 thousand, ginseng exhibit business to exceed 2300, the structure that makes the whole world have force most decorates one of industry distinguished gathering. Current outside building rich to be able to exhibit an area except special stair, still set a building to decorate hardware, automatic door and door to accuse hardware, kitchen, door / window, glass, smallpox / act wall / wall paper and interior decoration, coating / material of chemical building materials, stone / adornment of household of horticultural, other 10 exhibit area and independence to become greatly exhibit.
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