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The name steps stair: The pattern on the meeting that build rich innovates
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Be in the 10th China (Guangzhou) businessmen of stair of exposition of international building adornment are true it may be said is: Eight saints go across the sea, each shows special prowess.

On July 7, the reporter comes to stair of renown sureness wood exhibit an area, exhibit handsome model just appeared inside the area, exhibit immediately poll assemble is moved inside the area, bee of each big traveling trader emerges and come; Besides, still Gu Zheng is performed, that beautiful and pleasant air, exciting, the staff member that exhibits an area is so busy that the staff member that exhibits an area cannot leave hand in, still add between distributed material send a piece of 1000 yuan Vietnam a series of variety such as money.

Of course, the name steps stair is not pure rely on these coming that attract customer, in exhibit there still are a series of names to step inside the area those who roll out is new taste stair, like flourishing age Huang Chaodong day of high in the clouds of Fang Zhizhu, ramble, riches and honour is become etc, their some is luxurious and elegant, some is elegant and luxuriant.

The stair with these distinctive modelling, attracted the favour of numerous businessman, still step the name the incisively and vividly that distinctive design color shows.

The name steps stair to exhibit the results on the meeting in this quite abundant, not only raised a name to step stair to be in further the consequence of stair market, also promoted the development of stair course of study.

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