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Only Nuo ladder column: Guangzhou builds rich to be able to go up to get attenti
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On July 6, 2008· the 10th (Guangzhou) international building decorates exposition in Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise Pa continent exhibits a house to kick off.

Attend exhibit the Guangdong of the meeting exhibits a forefathers head assemble 9 times of Nuo stair limited company to move only, general manager Zhu Jing and client of company staff arrange with, guide draw an audience, recommend a product, so busy that cannot leave hand in.

Introduce according to wishing Jing general manager, only Nuo company is current exhibit meeting in order to recommend recently the stair pillar product of research and development is given priority to, roll out fittings of armrest stainless steel and product of stair of partial steel structure at the same time.

Only a fresh troops that Nuo company is Fosan stair and fittings industry, the company grows quickly in recent years, gained the favour of user of countrywide each district with outstanding product quality and good after service. The product innovates ceaselessly in the meantime, enlarge scale of production, establish “ only Nuo ” brand, promote a brand image ceaselessly. The product has spread all over home each are big city, receive the manufacturing order of country and the area such as the United States, Canada ceaselessly.

This year April, the new factory building that Nuo company is located in Luo Cun of Fosan city Nanhai builds and throw only use, cover an area of 6000 more than square metre. After plant area extend, company new purchased a batch of advanced production, technological equipment, at the same time qualified personnel of technology of invite applications for a job, make the technical actual strength of the company more abundant thereby.

General manager wishing Jing expresses, the hope can be met through attending Guangzhou international to build rich, can establish “ successfully only the company brand image with Nuo good ” , extend countrywide market effectively, roll out the product with better more to partner of broad stair trade, and to march overseas market lays a foundation, the further progress that is a company expands creation condition.

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