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How does brand stair maintain the market strong position
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Most industry is existing mainstream brand, brand of so called mainstream has such feature: Have on corresponding market bigger have rate; In the price development of fluctuant, product, cent is sold enclothe, the respect such as sales promotion intensity leads other company.

Present stair business market is troubled, the pattern of a lot of stair is similar, copy control and guide sends core competition ability to lack, the low end in stair industry the center of research and development that the enterprise does not have him mostly, net of manufacturing company hunt achieves power formerly low, intellectual property lacks effective safeguard, brand difference is not big, add an industry to be modelled on become a common practice. So abnormal product replaces rate, make the industry is lacked by the market normal digestive process.

Old style has not sold go out, new product has appeared on the market. Everybody bears down on taste newly, form certain concussion to old product, the enterprise is rolled out ceaselessly taste newly, relatively backward finally design must depreciate processing; Wait flow a moment to join from design, production, installation not quite compact; The product is coessential change serious, the character divergence of the product is not apparent, very bad divisional low, medium, high-grade market. The mill pattern company of miniature, low character is flush, fake the product floods the market, cause market disorder, industry quality promotes very hard; Current market competition still is in retail level basically, the competition between inn and inn, idea of sale of sex of conformity of net of manufacturing company hunt is dim.

Be aimed at the current situation of stair market, when be in the main brand of regnant position to expand in total market, benefit is normally maximum. To enlarge total market, the main brand of stair market should seek new approach for its product. Leader of great majority market uses this kind of strategy.

Enlarge brand stair market to need strategy

Deluke of innovation management Great Master has said: The tenet of “ enterprise has only, create a constituency namely. ” is told from some kind of meaning, creation client creates difference namely. Dominant brand can blaze new trails through continual product and business flow innovation maintains his market position, build core competition ability, the meaning of deeper administrative levels is to be the 0 distances between implementation enterprise and client to level hunt net road. That is to say, according to the order of the user, satisfy the requirement of the user with the rapiddest rate, OK and ceaseless 0 distances contact the market, create new market then.

Regard stair as the main brand of the enterprise, want a hand to capture the demand of the user, another hand captures what can satisfy the requirement of the user to supply chain, join these two kinds of faculty together, can obtain user faithfulness to spend in the market thereby.
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