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Steel wood stair becomes consumption to be bestowed favor on newly
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The stair that the reporter visited Suzhou city to decorate building materials market greatly each now is monopolistic exhibition hall, understanding arrives to in Suzhou stair consumes the market or be given priority to with stair of steel timber structure. Be informed in the chitchat of reporter and brand shop controller, the influence of district culture is reached as a result of housing construction and consumptive group in Suzhou, more consumer are in the process of stair of choose and buy the stair of apt steel timber structure.

Suzhou is having the city that the history insided information 2500, the beauty that element has gardens city praise, the having amorous feelings of district of very strong Suzhou native land a house owned by a citizen that the building construction inside its the city zone basically is structure of made of baked clay brick builds a style. High-grade residence basically distributings to be taken in garden area.

Suzhou room is bought main with small family model give priority to. As Suzhou economy fly, the rise of enterprise of mainland civilian battalion, facilitated a batch of entrepreneur first rich rise, and the unapproachable living environment with peculiar Suzhou attracted city of lysol of a lot of foreigner to live, drove Suzhou at the same time the development of high-grade residence. The house such as wrong layer of Suzhou double entry basically be favorred by relatively young middleaged personage place, however the grave elegance of real wood stair, satisfy the requirement of this kind of consumer very hard, and stair of steel timber structure with its delicate, vogue, the characteristic of appeal of extremely rich Europe just catered to this kind of demand that consumes a group. Modelling of whole of real wood stair is relatively giant at the same time, fit the house with the opposite bigger space such as villa structure, and price wants relatively tall. And modelling of steel wood stair is agile, concise facilitating installation disassembles, do not occupy a space, suit the structural demand of housing of double entry wrong layer, and price is relatively real also wooden stair is low, get customer fully so chase after hold in both hands.

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