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Ou Shixuan turns stair is luxuriant blossom
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Up to now unforgettable, " troubled times beautifuls woman " medium Fei Wenli, wear luxuriant evening dress, along gorgeous whirl stair Xu stroll falls. The heart folds Yu Lang to overflow beautiful castle to live, longing has the villa that belongs to his, the Ou Shixuan of diastole of mild and indirect turns stair, bore the weight of the magnificent dream of how many girl.

In fairy tale, always have the final result with the most satisfactory love. Lamplight bright, bead shade hangs down gently, beautiful princesses are holding royal PARTY, cinderella stands in tremendous, white Ou Shixuan turns on stair, knew brilliant prince. Prince and princess began happy life.

Regard Dong Lihu as exclusive pure villatic community, charm of summerly in relief brook only the United States blossoms Spanish amorous feelings, each place builds detail, each life space, be worth to expect attentively. The wooden door of downy elegance, article fossil that is full of grain to feel character, delicate Tie Yi baluster, charm of summerly in relief brook plain get with substantial throw into sharp relief proper. Natural style, refined colour, rich space, condensed what mediterranean lives to chase after completely esteem with spirit. And the dimensional form —— that has distinguishing feature most as Spanish villa rotates stair, become one of the greatest charm of ” of the La Bao on S2“ brook. Push the real wood entrance door of ” of the La Bao on S2“ brook, the stair that circle and goes up, passing the trace of European history and simple and honest culture inside information. Send out from in one's heart the romance that gives Mediterranean life and natural sentiment, create the world that gives dinkum individuation thereby. The whirl of an elaborate design stair carves artwork like with respect to copy, practical and beautiful, artistic glamour lasts long.

Can see from inside numerous building master, the space of poetic flavour comes from entity to propose form beautifully on one hand, come from on the other hand to abounding the creation of the dimensional idea of connotation and symbolic significance. The whirl of Spanish villa stair, it is hypostatic beauty and the couple with beautiful idea, it is full of Promethean structural system with its, the sensibility that realizes its space is beautiful, of from above to below change feeling shock popular feeling, the mystery that strengthened a space further thereby and brilliant.

The romantic daydream that sits on stair to pour out whisper before is able to come true eventually, the carve of essence of life that comes from Spain protects column, gentle Tie Yi is elegant and classic, brunet woodiness step, natural and distinctive grain, downy colour and lustre, natural warmth, nobility is elegant, oozy and trifling cool and lightsome, barefoot and row, experience what full free t is over in the home to loosen. Chastening and perfect line shows an affectionately tender feeling, go all the way, you can feel all dreams already were condensed so in this house, with the family that lives in the house. In returning the home, seem to open memorial window again, be intoxicated in the kindest extract in the life.
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