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Picture: Make the space below stair wonderful also
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A lot of uses for small toilet only lavatory that make work in the market, can apply to the closet of type of this kind of corner. If can wear store water chamfer tall, cater to vogue not only, still can save a many spaces. Another good idea is to change his costume or dress between shower, if the space is used quite, the —— between the shower that can become unit of whole space from the top down to be able to stand is met then very comfortable. No matter you want the space that leaves stair to regard as,what should remember is between toilet or shower, you must beforehand with decorate an expert to undertake advisory with measure, in order to ensure of shower hydraulic and enough, and the join of toilet and cop is unchallenged wait.

Plan of anyhow all these must be inspected stair leaves dimensional bulk and decide, make arrangement according to his demand again next. For the existence of hyperbole stair diagonal, the door hole below stair can be done triangularly, form the continuance of diagonal, otherwise the horizontal door hole of common practice and stair are lower the meeting that make a written guarantee is a little curt.

The case that space of a few pieces of stair uses is below, hope to be inspired somewhat to you

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