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Picture: Make the space below stair wonderful also
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The modelling of stair is Protean, the model that most person place introduces, can take next space below stair. If such space can plan well one time, can rise very good collect and show effect, make the space below stair wonderful also!

◆ of ◆ of the ◆ between deposit of ◆ ◆ ◆

Stair took up because of its appearance many useful spaces, in most family, make the vacuum of its lower part those who be storage goods use normally. For example, can add hold a door, on a few are placed inside store content box, classify ground collects a thing. Additional, OK still the height according to stair step is strewn at random, the drawer type cabinet with the different measurement that make, embed directly inside, can put different goods. Stair footplate also can be done become mobile board, use drawer of step make it, use as deposit ark.

Additional always those broken copper are sodden iron and canister of empty bottle stannum, and the toy that children discard, or it is the press waste paper that the move such as those reclaims, can place in this place, and can be gotten by cloak Yan Yan is solid.

◆ ◆ ◆ reveals ◆ of ark ◆ ◆

Use ordinary dead space alive, often can have the clever use besides unexpected making a person. At the same time stair well also can produce the effect that the space uses adequately, a side that relies on a wall can serve as reveal ark, reveal what ark can depend on stair to go situation and design, the cabinet with make it differ size, this kind of cabinet is ordered do the most appropriate, hit proper lambency on the wall again next, the thing that assures to reveal ark to go up each is elegant and beautiful!

◆ of ◆ of ◆ of small study of ◆ ◆ ◆

If the space is enough big, and enough installs the word of a window, can change one's costume or dress its so the small study of a children, or it is to place on one piece of small table, make your private one party one's own little world, the file material that handles you below the case that does not get interference or write write a letter.

The bookcase of one side wall that make it builds according to stair cloth also is very clever design, to book rife family, might as well use this useful space, look very beautiful on one hand, on the other hand very practical also, can reduce the “ pressure ” of the study.

◆ of ◆ of workshop ◆ of ◆ ◆ ◆

Workshop is a space that every family needs very much, but often exist without alone workshop in bedroom design, right now the space below stair became a of workshop right choice. It is OK to put the refrigerator that does not eat a kitchen a place of strategic importance is here, if arrange cop beforehand proper, here became clothings cleaning shop, machine of machine of washing machine, male garment and electric iron, launder can be placed here.

◆ of ◆ of closet ◆ of ◆ ◆ ◆

This space also can become an additional closet. Such design can avoid morning bath dragon of the great platoon leader outdoor.
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