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The scenery line of home of fashionable modelling stair
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Be improved increasingly and abound of room structure as living condition ceaselessly, in recent years besides villa, the stair inside double entry structure and housing of wrong layer structure already made connection of indoor fluctuation space important one annulus.

In stair of armrest of metallic baluster wood, the effect of because modelling and material are qualitative different generation also each has his strong point; Cast-iron baluster is sedate, elegant; Baluster of beautiful type cast iron is luxurious, delicate; Flat iron baluster is deft, fluent.

The vitreous armrest stair of concise vogue, from deft and clean in oozy and contemporary succinct.

Flag of vitreous stair suitable Dali is winding and go up, collect massiness is lightsome at a suit, extend fluent.

The steel tube that was full of contemporary power move and deft and transparent glass hand in photograph reflect, from inside brunet woodiness step oozy and cool and lightsome.

Winding whirl ladder pole rich line is beautiful, woodiness is most the choice of nature of press close to, give a person with plain and kind feeling.

The design of armrest is concise and contemporary, the dominant position that uses a space furnishs artwork, added administrative levels feeling to abound eye shot again already.

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