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Make individual character in the round indoor stair
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Adjust this kind arrangement is in head, end has stated reason two paragraphs, because everybody is in,set foot on stair the first pace when always be most careful, and after be being become, was familiar with the rhythm of footfall, the guard in the heart just can be loosened gradually. And the hour that this loosens, we are going in the middle of stair, so the footfall height of stair middle should keep changeless as far as possible. According to scientific computation, the reasonable range generally speaking that step height changes is in 4cm, it is 2cm ~ 3cm normally, head, the span of end pace also should be controlled in this among them.

6 paces walk along installation stair

1. and property are communicated

According to introducing, general double entry and the stair in the residence that jump a layer are to be able to be demolished those who transform, and the stair in only system and residence of wrong layer type cannot pull down at will rebuild. But no matter be why to be planted residential construction, in pull down answer to make good call with property branch above all when original structure component part.

2. and manufacturer are communicated

Before installing stair, had better decorate in whole before, be about to have the communication of preliminary stair plan and inquiry with stair stylist, this are very important, because stair wants to be decorated with whole,coordinate, pledge from design, material gradient is waited a moment, want to consider ahead of schedule, must not think stair arrives it is OK to decorate final reload. Additionally manufacturer returns the manufacturing cycle that can have 30 ~ 40 days commonly.

3. is measured with the design

Engineer or decorate stylist to should come to measure, collect the technical data of all stair mouth of a cave. If choose finished product stair, the stylist of manufacturer should undertake with the stylist that decorates a company the spot is communicated, in order to define optimal program. Stylist gives picture of planar color effect.

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