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Make individual character in the round indoor stair
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Make individual character in the round net of indoor stair stair releases time: 2007-8-19 clicks a quantity: 516

  • Nowadays, jump layer door model be favorred even more, lead because of high volume not only, the person that also lives to go after individual character provided more creation spaces. Had upstairs room, want to have stair of course, then, ligneous, steel is qualitative; Classic, contemporary …… embark upon a political venture.

    Intimacy, decide stair form

    —— of □ vertical ladder this is form of most common in be operated actually a kind of stair. The model that finishs continuously continuously is most simple, have quite go up continuously empyreal feel directly. The contracted geometry line of vertical ladder gives a person in order to hold out draw together and hale feeling. Vertical ladder is not to do not have changeful likelihood, it adds platform to also can realize the design of corner.

    —— of □ arc ladder and vertical ladder are contrary, it is the join that will realize fluctuation building with the curve. This kind of stair is beautiful, easy, and can do more roomily, do not have vertical ladder corner completely the sort of curt feeling. Arc ladder is walk in 3 kinds of stair rise a most comfortable kind;

    The main characteristic of winding stair of —— of □ winding stair is a space take up the area is the smallest, the winding trend that circle and goes up makes the consumer of many individuation enchanted indeed.

    The house that we buy, its dimensional design and layer are tall, be very difficult change. For indoor fluctuation building convenient with comfortable, stair needs a reasonable gradient, the gradient of stair is too steep, inconvenience walks, can bring a person the sense of dangerous ” of a kind of “ . If ascend the stairs easily, with respect to need certain space gives stair an outspread room.

    How does —— of the clew inside course of study choose stair form

    In dimensional measure and layer the circumstance with expensive abundant measure falls, the stair with what kind of choice is unchallenged, but if these two conditions are restricted, must consider carefully, with benefit at the space managing. To narrow space, winding stair may be more well-advised choice.

    Stair the height of every class step, want mature excellent person walk convenient. If there are old person or children in the home, consider walking safety necessarily. Too high chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, go affirmative to have wave wave the feeling of now.. . Additional, what stair abstains from most is each step ignore tall ignore low. Cause ignore tall ignore small account says not complex. If be prefab stair, divide with dimensional height with stair length OK cipher out the footfall height of every step. But if be hind the stair of treatment, the space is fixed, and the fittings dimension of stair also is prefab, sure existence is worn between two fixed dimension contradictory. Can coordinate dimensional measure only with the dimension of stair. This appears with respect to hard to avoid improper. Generally speaking, this kind is adjusted can be in of stair head, two class have tip, and the middle keeps changeless. Appear likely so head, end the footfall height of two class and middle not agree with.
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