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★ of ★ of marble stair ★

Select the client of this kind of stair, already was in commonly layer laid marble, to maintain the oneness of indoor colour and material, continue with marble laid stair. But withhold wood mostly on the choice of armrest, make inside frosty space, increase material of a bit warm color. Price of this kind of illuminative basically sees marble costly.

★ of ★ of ★ of vitreous stair ★

This is newer design, suit the kid of the modernist school. Glass is used mostly grind arenaceous, completely not transparent, ply is in 10mm above. This kind of stair also becomes rider with wood, the price is a bit lower than importing marble.

★ of ★ of ★ of steeliness stair ★

This is to compare “ additional kind of choice of ” , but at present already colourful is fashion. Be in commonly the exterior spray of material inferior smooth dye, without glisten dazzling feeling, material of this kind of stair and treatment cost are higher.

Besides, return useful steel wire, rope made of hemp to wait for those who do stair to protect column, match load to make floor and armrest, look a feeling pretty good also. This kind already trendy, return to natural adornment stair a bit again, the price is low, also do not lose modern option.

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