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The gyroidal stair of high romance
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Contemporary residence already not just space of plane of two-dimensional of bureau be confined to, stereo residential design raised the need to stair. In the course that leaves two houses on join, stair has developed to adornment function by simple use function. The oblique line that stair place makes, arc, circumferential the another that becomes contemporary household is important mark. The style of stair also gradually incline to fractionize, contemporary, traditional, Tie Yi, glass, want to have demand only, stylist can satisfy your requirement, realize your desire.
Must is high romance just allowed? In broad and chic big villa, what kind of choice can avoid Philistine perception? Those who introduce you is two kinds of line: Curve and helix.

Arc ladder applies to the space of large area only commonly, ladder must wide wide ability enough demeanour, modelling must elegant nobility. And more fashionable recently is stair of newel screw type, ladder of its unlike arc is so overbearing, cover an area of an area relatively lesser, often can shape independently, will prop up the weight of stair through romantic newel.

The armrest of spiral shape like a staircase of 1 black became a scenery in the bedroom.

2 structures pursue: The structure of spiral shape like a staircase and arc ladder and travel walk line.

In the 3 villa that take up arc ladder of the space often goes out to differ now.

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