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The stair with different qualitative capable person
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In double entry structure, stylist monarchs alone new idea: It is stair erect in the kitchen, with dot, line, face, nature is the purest make a mark, deduce contemporary residence to build new way of life. Use the data that connects the contemporary Leng Jun such as the ground glass that penetrate, stainless steel, will break depressing feeling of the space, the note echo that asing if is rhythm is in our side side.

Transparent vitreous armrest and stair issue the warm smooth set each other off that shoots, style is refined; Soft carpet footplate is the same as partition of lozenge square column to be in it seems that faint in penetrable give some kind of artistic concept.

The woodiness of armrest of woodiness footplate, woodiness and archaize protects column, the bedroom kind spread all the way come. The proper limits for speech or action of step holds proper, with the density be identical that the sitting room cuts off. Ascend the stairs, the layout of the sitting room walks change scene, stair became a outspread scenery.

The design of stair is simple, broad, use with indoor and same floor board, on design style, colour and lustre humorous attune is united, pure line is fluent and clear, also jump the heavy design of emergence tradition.

The ” of main “ line that walnut, Tie Yi forms this stair to devise plan, concise, simple sense, vogue, contemporary and with surroundings one integrated mass, become its to reveal professional stylist the unique kind of deep design strength and culture connotation

The stair armrest in this case regards a white of the space as the face, can mix better all round dimensional yellow moves shirt-sleeve humorous attune to rise, real wood brushs black footplate more increased dimensional colorific to abound a gender, the column propping up of zebra design makes stair much a few minutes artistic quality and interest sex.

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