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2009 China (Beijing) stair industry exhibition
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[audience vast] current stair is exhibited meeting (hold in China International trade centre) the as will most large-scale as throughout history, highest grade second “ whole world is the greatest international door exhibits ”---" CIDE-2009 fair of trade of door of the 8th China International " (in Beijing countrywide farming exhibits a house to hold) the corresponding period is held, be in Beijing together again east on 3 annulus, and two exhibit between several free buses move back and forth, bilateral ginseng exhibits business, client and user each other to be interlinked, in order to achieve the strategic resource conformity, effect that shares strong strong linkage. Be sure to attract the adornment engineering company with unprecedented, numerous amount / contractor of designing institute, project / the project purchases business, building to develop town of building materials of business, household (supermarket) , project invite public bidding reachs governmental purchase department to wait to be purchased integratedly group and abroad buy the home to attend the meeting. In the meantime, we are numerous advocate bear the unit will invite numerous home international to interlink together stoutly retail tycoon and orgnaizations of a lot of abroad and interior design (personage) attend a meeting look around, purchase.
[authority is sponsorred] current grand meeting by “ whole world door of the biggest international exhibits lumber of ” organizing committee, China lumber of current association, China is current the numerous orgnaization such as chamber of commerce of course of study of upholster of business association of committee of major of committee of major of market of committee of major of association wood door, lumber, stair, whole nation is strong powerful combination general from, the advantage is complementary, will mix according to stair industry market characteristic, with science, standard exhibit meeting operation is popularized with the extensive, conduct propaganda that reach the designated position, organize a large number of stair to purchase group, agency to attend a meeting look around.
[time advantage] appropriate time, nod ideally, the last ten-day of a month was March when Chun Nuanhua leaves, it is stair of countrywide each district produces business, agency one year to order goods the busy season that purchase, also be the gold that course of study of countrywide house property centers adornment to decorate period, this meeting is chosen period hereat, be very proper. The politics of Beijing —— China, culture and the center that international interacts, the stair product that existing not only consumes the market, and powerful economic radiant emitance and the good place that also make via position of trade key position its become the whole nation to popularize.
[the brand is exhibited meeting] we walk along “ to specialization from beginning to end, the service is changed, the brand is changed, internationalization ” does the way that extend, we are certain: In “ whole world most what gate course of study exhibits ” is tremendous drive and below the influence, be in each stair enterprise support energetically below, have again numerous advocate undertake the Shen Mi plan of the unit, deal with concrete matters relating to work works, be in charge of seriously and considerate service, “2009 China (Beijing) the ideal platform that ” of stair industry exhibition is sure to make collaboration of communication of technology of Chinese stair industry, trade and sale, become the vane that Chinese stair industry grows, the Chinese stair that makes be worthy of the name the first exhibit!
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