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The 7th China (Beijing) fair of industry of timber of stair of partition of ark
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Showpiece time: 2007-3-10 comes 2007-3-13
Application ends: 2007-3-10
Periodic: 1 year /
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: The public
Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Beijing. House of date of 1-10 of center of China International exhibition (whole house)
Ginseng extend range: Wooden industry, stair exhibits an area: Room inside and outside is anticorrosive ark of the ambry such as equipment of the product of relevant form a complete set such as armrest of stair of industry of timber of lumber, adornment, interior decoration, steeliness stair, glass stair, wood stair, stair, stair, wall, partition exhibits an area: Door of ambry, wall cupboard, cupboard door, answer material of body of ark of combination of the plywood, fire prevention board, plasterboard, wash and dress that defend bath, wall, hotel is tall interval of partition, office is broken, toilet is cut off, vitreous partition, system, door of cupboard of sliding door, wall, fold door, move ark of orbit of the door, activity, wall moves the door, move door handle lock, move door bolt lock, partition moves the door, straight insert type electronic-controlled lock, combined-type hangs the garment, fold moves the door, smooth open the door, slide
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