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Building materials of international of 2007 justice black decorates exposition (
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1, the whole nation has media of nearly 80 professional public to enlist whole journey the report this second exhibit meeting. 2, we make full use of justice black the influence of internationally, with chamber of commerce of Han of stage chamber of commerce, the justice black such as law chamber of commerce, day chamber of commerce, heart chamber of commerce of a few countries halt justice chamber of commerce undertakes contacting, the member company that invites them attends a meeting undertake purchasing, still be stationed in black to purchase door of Department of Commerce to contact each country to purchase business to attend a meeting for you through each country at the same time purchase.
3, business of the hospitality that press a platoon is organized to purchase the meeting that build rich before justice rich is met
4, the organizing committee will presswork elegant entrance ticket 1000000, mail the whole nation buys the home greatly each, purchase department of administration of supplier of equipment of designing institute of business of development of company of company of imports and exports, adornment of agency, building, estate, building, hotel, construction, government.
5, home broadcasting station of broadcast of each big media TV station
6, inside city each traffic thoroughfare, international trade city is circumjacent, the place with the concentrated stream of people such as bus of villages and towns places billboard.
7, magazine website releases each major to exhibit meeting information originally.
8, clique ginseng adds country the professional exposition of industry of of all kinds and relevant building materials, distribute invitation letter.
9, group person heads for market of major of material of countrywide each a lunar month of 30 days, distribute invitation letter, invite visiting communication. 10, the organizing committee is employed giant tens of 10 thousand buy the home, commerce orgnaization database, mail or electric mail invites buy the home and professional personage to wait.
Ginseng extend a program
1, the business that appetent ginseng postpones, ask for to the organizing committee first " ginseng extend application form " , fill appropriate to sign by legal person delegate again seriously the fax after affix one's seal puts on record to congress organizing committee examine and verify, after getting receipt the sum that exhibit cost will be joined inside 7 days 50% make deposit collect assign account to the organizing committee, sign with the organizing committee " exhibit affirm a contract " hind formal go into effect. More than need on October 1, 2007 before paid. Organizing committee reservation rejects to admit the influence of application.
2, the organizing committee keeps “ prepaid money, preferential the principle that chooses ” allocates those who exhibit an outstanding to booking 7 days deposit to exhibit, the organizing committee has authority to make arrangement additionally, show the result to make sure those who join the benefit that extends trade and mass rally is overall, in with join the foundation that exhibits business to talk things over adequately to go up, the organizing committee adjusts reservation finally exhibit influence.
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