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The 15th China (Beijing) exhibition of material of international building adornm
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The large stage of building materials enterprise of elite assemble
Build Decor 2007 attracted more than 1200 enterprises that come from 22 countries to participate in in all, there is no lack of among them celebrity of a lot of industry and the company that have representative sense quite. In the Build Decor brand that continues to deepen ceaselessly, perfect exhibit meeting commerce and propagandist function foundation to go up, the 15th China (Beijing) international building adornment and material exposition will receive more and well-known company and share the support of burgeoning enterprise, decorate material to develop the mainstream high-quality goods of the trend on behalf of current structure showpiece, form effect of brand group bunch, strong strong linkage, gain more far-reaching industry influence.
Gold exhibits time, creat infinite business chance
No matter the project is decorated, the family decorates a project to all begin to greet start working height from spring. At the beginning of the year the first is held exceed large-scale international building materials to decorate material exposition to accord with industrial market rule, an appropriate market can be offerred to popularize platform to manufacturer in good time, promote the product of annual sales volume. In the meantime, a year initiative, also be manufacturer faces the market and distribute channel to recommend the optimal opportunity that tastes newly.
Country of Build Decor 2008 exhibits the meeting that build rich to lieutenant general emerge in large numbers just is thrown in great quantities or be about to put the building of the market on adornment and material product, get the most wide attention inside the industry, the issuance that makes product of newest 2008 industry and technology stage, the barometer of the ” of “ assaying stage of manufacturer and whole industry.
Conform with international, build international communication and business efficient platform
Taller internationalization shares strength is the one big characteristic of Chinese building adornment and material exposition. Professional and sea extrapolate of the system is wide plan, hand numerous enterprise gains positive result of rich and generous foreign trade:
1. Foundation of domestic data conformity is bought in many 30 thousand international, exposition will adopt a variety of approaches further expansion is overseas buy the home

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