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Exhibition of building materials of building of Muscovite 8 years in April inter
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Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Previous term or session extends meeting case: Since Muscovite building exposition was held 1995 oneself, annual one, 2007 on exposition, many 1800 manufacturer that comes from 30 many countries attended to exhibit meeting, audience above of 100 thousand person-time.
If you need to understand more to exhibit meeting information, ask for ginseng extend an application form, hang down please ask:
Chinese group exhibits: Beijing cornfield connects meeting international to show limited company
Contact: Xiang Fang
E-Mail: Cornfairs@163.com
Mobile phone: 13811362355
Phone: 010 -51659302 800-810-9607 (free)
Fax: 010-62581401
Address: Beijing Haidian Ou Zhichun road floats 128 numbers inferior edifice 1393 rooms postcode: 100086
Network address: Www.cornfairs.com

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