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Exhibition of building materials of building of Muscovite 8 years in April inter
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Showpiece time: 2008-4-1 comes 2008-4-4
Application ends: 2007-11-30
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Muscovite exhibition center (Expocenter) reach Olympic house (Crocus)
Ginseng extend range: Muscovite exhibition center (Expocenter) : Housing materials exhibits: Got-up material (bronze ware) , build chemical and additional agent, coating, paint, floor and carpet, wall paper and wallboard are enchased etc, door window material (steel of wood, aluminium alloy, plastic, model) , ceiling and roof material; Material of pottery and porcelain, natural stone, man-made stone material, glass, got-up material (bronze ware) etc; Hardware tool exhibits: Garden tool equipment, clean is provided, the door (include door of ambry wall cupboard) window and fittings of door window hardware, hand moves tool, valve, fastener, standard component, abatis to wait; Warm equipment of water mouth, water; Heat addition is ventilated exhibit: Technology of heating establishment, air conditioning and ventilated system, heat addition, water supply and enter the water, wait for system of system of equipment of gas, Kang Tixiu leisure, electric facilities, lighting, refrigeration; Wei Yu sets put to good use: Wholesome clean provides, shower room series, bath crock, bath bully, Wei Yujing kind, lavabo series, carbonado series of screen of mobile phone, shower, closestool, cistern, water is warm, water heater, tube, plastic tubal material, ceramic, Wei Yuwu gold, : Door window and vitreous act wall exhibit: Include all sorts of door windows and material (steel of wood, aluminium alloy, plastic, model) , 100 pages window; Wall of hollow glass, act; Door series, window series, scuttle reachs a canopy series, gate series, wall to decorate fittings of bitter fleabane of pall of face material, wall, ceiling, sunshade, lock, hardware; The material that lay the ground exhibits: Carpet (pure wool, blending, chemical fibber, plastic wait) , floor (real wood floor, compound floor, bamboo floor, plastic floor, plastic floor, stone model floor, indoor outside sports floor, ground heating floor, strip floor, lamination parquetry, applique floor, block floor, hardwood floor, cork floor, paint floor, floor tile (glazed pottery, connect body to turn) , stone material (marble, granite, rubble) , plastic ground material (plank of remove from office of floor brick, floor, PVC, project is used or special type uses plastic shakedown) , the ground decorates the treatment of material and carpet to make mechanical equipment, tool, the design design of ground material and presswork, clean equipment, the; adornment such as adhesive decorates exhibit: Interior decoration is tasted, lamp act the role ofing, tracery is tasted, indoor decorate material to wait.
Sponsor square: ITE

Undertake square: Beijing cornfield connects meeting international to show limited company

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